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yarrick_da_wuff's Journal
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Friday, January 21st, 2011
10:17 pm
Announcing MNFurs: Snowpocalypse Winter Event!

Snowpocalypse a MNFurs Event

A cold wind has blown through the Land of 10,000 Lakes. The fish huddle under two feet of snow and four feet of ice. Wolves play in the snow while bears sleep peacefully in their dens; and all the furries are coming out in packs to the Snowpocalypse!

Last year MNFurs put on their first winter hotel event. It was a smashing success.

This year we are going to put on a new one-day winter event at a bigger venue and with the fun cranked up to a snowy 11.

  • When is it: Saturday March 12th, events start at 2pm.

  • Where is it: Country Inn & Suites - 6003 Hudson Road, Woodbury MN 55125. Right off of Highway 94 near the Eastern 494/94 interchange.

  • Who can go: Anyone willing to drive to Minnesota during the winter.

  • How much: Registration for "The Den", Ice cream social, and badge $10 at the door.

  • Can I Get A Room: If you plan on staying late our hotel the Country Inn & Suites will have rooms at a special MNFurs rate. To find out more about the hotel and the room rate go to http://www.mnfurs.org/snowpocalypse/.

  • What Can I Do There: This event will have a little bit of everything. Including a dance, fursuit games, card games, and so much more. We have enough ample room to keep areas free to draw and socialize in. The schedule will be avaialbe here at

  • Where can I learn more: We have an ever evolving site at http://www.mnfurs.org/snowpocalypse/.
  • > that will have the latest information about the event.

Snowpocalypse is going to be a great time and lets hope you can come too!


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Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, October 16th, 2010
3:38 pm
Midwest Furfest Gaming for 2010: In search of games for the lending libraries
X-Posted to midwest_furfest

I am pleased to announce that there will indeed be gaming again at MFF for 2010. We had an explosion of popularity last year which made it a huge success. We have an exciting lineup for gaming in 2010 including the long awaited and requested console video game room, new and shiny for 2010!

With about a month before the convention, I have one announcement and request for gamers to consider for the con this year. As with years past we will have a lending library set up where people can bring games to share with the rest of the con for the duration of con hours.

As with before, we will have staff and gophers checking and watching over the games which reside behind a desk when not being played with a full log so we know who donated what and who checked out a game last. This system has worked well in the past years and I am happy to say we've never had an incident of anyone getting their game(s) back whether through forgetting it or someone walking off with it. If you forget your games at the con we WILL track you down and get it back to you :3.

For those interested in bringing games to the board gaming room to donate to the lending library the process is simple. Check the game in any time during convention hours to leave behind the desk for checkout; and check the game out any time before the convention ends on Sunday afternoon. It's therefore the owner’s choice how long to let us borrow it. As allways you are welcome to bring your own games to play and not lend them to us, but if you do we ask you take it with you. Anything left in the gaming rooms needs to be checked in.

In addition, we will have a lending library for video games. We encourage people to bring video games for rental, but all the controllers and consoles will be provided separately and belong to one donor. I don't want to end up with an xbox console and have to try to figure out what controller belongs to whom. We've got the consoles, we just need GAMES. If you prefer to bring your own controller for your own PERSONAL use this is fine, but we are not going to have them in the lending library save for the ones provided with the donated console.

As of right now, the following video game consoles will be at the convention if you are interested in bringing a game to lend.

Xbox 360

If we get any more consoles within the next month or so from our staff; I will update this list so people planning to bring games with them to lend or play can plan accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing all the gamers at 2010 soon!

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Thursday, November 23rd, 2006
3:10 pm
Friend's Only!
This journal is a specific Journal that I keep to a specfic set of friends only, and to join a few communites I don't need showing up on my main account. If you wish to be on my friends list, leave a comment here, and if your applicable to this journal's purpose I'll add you. I will on occasion be adding friends from my main Journal here as well.
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