yarrick_da_wuff's Journal

17 February
This is my alternate live journal and is locked to friends only, as it contains some content I'm not as comfortable sharing with some. I will only friend certain people to this LJ, typically if I know they share the interest this journal is intended for. I will however update this with tidbits of my RL as there are some who are on this journal and not my other, and vice versa.

I'm really right on the borderline of the "furry fandom", I go to a few conventions and enjoy looking at CLEAN anthromorphic artwork. I also enjoy writing- I'm working on some stories, one of which may someday devlop into a book which I might try to self-publish someday.

I'm also the co-gaming head for midwest_furfest, and have volunteered to help run gaming at a number of different sci-fi and other conventions over the years.

I'm also straight, strange no?